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Pelham's public lands are treasures that belong to each of us in the community.  All of these open spaces are there for your enjoyment.  Pelham's public lands are under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen with oversight by the Park and Recreation Department or the Conservation Commission or both.  Many of these lands are large enough for walkers to lose sight of houses, roads, and the sounds of civilization.  You do not need to leave town to be deep in the forest.

These public properties are ideal for walking, hiking, bird watching, geo-caching, cross country skiing, foliage viewing, and the like.  Why travel for miles when you can use these lands right here in Pelham?  Wherever you live in town, there are public lands no more than ten minutes drive.

As the with any public space, there are some rules that help to preserve the lands in best condition for all.  Wheeled vehicles are permitted ONLY in designated parking areas.  There are no legal OHRV trails in these areas.  Snowmobile access is allowed on marked trails.  Camp fires and cooking fires are not permitted due to the potential danger and damage of the fire.  Hunting is permitted in some areas.  Check the descriptions on the park pages for specifics on each given land.

Town of Pelham, NH - Recreation & Conservation Lands

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