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Acquired in 2004. Located on Hinds Lane, six tenths of a mile off Bush Hill Rd. (Approx. 1.3 miles off Mammoth Rd.) This area consists of wonderful deep woods and several large wetland areas, ideal for all recreational activities from hiking to wildlife watching. A portion of this land, abutting the Musquash Conservation Area, is in the Town of Hudson. Gumpus has not yet been fully prepared for public use but is "open" and may be used while trails are being marked and other conservation work is being done. Some of the on-going work includes cleanup along some of the paths which, sadly, some individuals used to dispose of trash. The vast majority of the acreage is in pristine condition.

There is a small parking area off Hinds Lane to the left of the sign. Please respect the private homes and land along the narrow road.

The entrance is marked by a large green sign that sits back off the road and is easy to miss. The park is crossed by a series of gravel roads - roads a former owner started in anticipation of development but never finished. Until trails are marked and mapped, best to stick to these and it will be easier to find your way back.

Enter the area from the marked entrance and proceed up the moderately steep path. Various paths branch out as you proceed along.

The area's boundaries are marked with red blazes on trees. These follow stone walls for the most part. Corners of the property boundaries are marked with three blazes. Please be careful not to cross into private property while you explore.

Gumpus Pond Conservation Area is suitable for family hiking, cross country skiing, bird watching, walking, and the like. Some may find the first 50 yards of the path a little steep but it is walking, not climbing. Most of the remaining terrain along trails is gently rolling.

Hunting is permitted in the Gumpus Pond Conservation Area.

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