Muldoon Park
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Located just north of the intersection of Nashua Rd, and Mammoth Rd. this park is best known for use by the youth baseball, soccer, and football leagues.  To the left of the Mammoth Rd. entrance is a pond with a paved 2/10 mile walking path encircling it.  This is a great path for exercise or to just walk and enjoy the pond; great for pushing little ones in strollers, too.

For a longer walk, drive past the pond and the ball fields along the gravel road/parking lot. Park your car just past the big rock in the parking lot and proceed on foot along the gravel path which leads to the playground, on the right, and to the Beaver Brook, about 300 yards along the path.

Just before you reach the end of the gravel path look to the left and right and see the remains of the trolley tracks.  On the right, you'll see a large filled area that raised the tracks above the wetland. It is possible to launch a canoe into the brook from the area just at the end of the gravel path but the access to the brook is steep.  On the far right and left, the end of the former trolley tracks, the park turns into private property.  Please respect the neighbors.

This park has ample parking (except on game days) and the walk along the path is gentle with a slope that looks steeper on the return trip.  The gravel path is suitable for most walkers. The park is posted "NO Hunting". Note that the boundaries of the park are not yet marked but if you follow the gravel road you will be in the park all the way.

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